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رَأْسُ الْعِلْمِ التَّمْییزُ بَیْنَ الاَْخْلاقِ وَ اِظْهارُ مَحْمودِها وَ قَمْعُ مَذْمومِها

The highest degree of knowledge is the recognition of one another’s ethics and the manifestation of good ethics and the suppression of unholy ethics.
(Imam Ali (AS), Gharollahkam, H 5267)


Maintain a spirit of service, funeral, and humility in front of people, which is a great blessing.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei


We, the directors and staff of Khoram Dareh Planning and Industry Company, believe in the will of God Subhanahu wa Ta’ala and with the aim of satisfying our dear customers and stakeholders, we adhere to the following ethical charter.

Moral health

Respect the private and family life of colleagues, clients, and clients, and adjust our work relationships within the ethical and value framework of the community.
Fully respect religious, cultural, national and customary values ​​in our adornment, moderation, appearance, veil, and veil.
Strengthen the spirit of teamwork and be participatory and collaborative in group activities.
In our interactions and behaviors with other people, such as superiors, subordinates, co-workers, and clients, we need to maintain their respect, care for the expectations and feelings of others, and act on trust with the other.
Keeping a balance between work and family life.
Be honest in our behavior and speech and avoid any unethical acts (such as gossip, destruction of others, slander, humiliation, lies, misinformation, etc.) that promote a spirit of trust, cooperation and intimacy. Weaken the workplace or disrupt the reputation of the company.
Avoid personal activities, prolonged and frequent personal phone calls and improper communications during business hours.
Doing the best possible job in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality possible, put your business on the table and act with courtesy, patience and openness within the laws and regulations.
We must be committed and loyal to our own machine and its goals, missions and standards, and strive with the utmost interest in doing the right job, organizational and organizational responsibilities to accomplish the organization’s goals and missions.

Dear Client Client and Customer

Provide information and guidance to clients on the scope of their duties, and provide clarification on services.
Respect the client and be open to welcoming and talking with them.

Adherence to the laws and regulations

Be disciplined, punctual, accountable, and accountable.
Avoiding any extravagance, consider office equipment and equipment as a loan and, in good use of it, make every effort to use our personal and non-violent use of them as unethical.
Strive to maintain the information and secrets of the company and to respect the confidentiality and confidentiality of the Company, in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and regulations, and to avoid any abuse of employment and discrimination in our interactions and communications.

social responsibility

As a member of the Ferdowsi Pars Agricultural and Livestock Development Company family, and as a national and ethical duty, we strive to promote Islamic Iran and create a prosperous and prosperous country with continuous and collective efforts.
Helping fellow citizens and needy people come to the forefront of their ethics and efforts to deprive and improve the status of those in need.
Optimize the use of resources and prevent the depletion of natural resources and the return of materials to the production cycle to protect the environment.

Personal and organizational growth and excellence

Strive to increase your knowledge and skills.
By continually attending training courses and focusing on the principle of continuous learning, we strive to prepare and nurture our talents in the direction of promoting the organization.
Knowledge, research, research, creativity and innovation pave the way for the achievement of the company’s goals and use this powerful lever to empower and succeed.
Provide our knowledge, experience, and capabilities to our partners and work to enhance their capabilities.

Let’s move the world to Nisperim’s best efforts
Not all good and bad fortune should be remembered as good

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