introduction of a company

Khorram Dareh Agro-industrial Complex Company is located in an area of 1,123 hectares and has three operational units located in Khorram Dareh, Abhar and Tarom cities of Zanjan province. The company is headquartered in Khorram Dareh. The company directly employs 270 people and is the largest producer of raw milk and a variety of agricultural and horticultural products in the west of the country.

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Farming unit

The main activity of the dairy cow breeding company, which started in 1975 with the arrival of 400 Holstein heifers from the United States. The total number of livestock in this unit is more than 7500 and the number of dairy cows is more than 3300 and it produces over 136 tons of industrial raw milk per day. The annual production of the livestock unit that enters the country’s sales market is: 39381 tons of raw milk, 1454 heads of male fattening calves, 524 heads of heifers and 912 tons of meat.


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Horticultural unit

The total area of the company’s gardens is 293 hectares, of which 151 hectares are currently fruitful and the rest are young and non-productive gardens. The company’s main garden products are: pears, olives, peaches, nectarines, walnuts, plums and apples. The annual production of the company’s garden products is currently 4,000 tons, which will reach 7,000 tons in the coming years with the total fruit of the company’s gardens.


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Agriculture unit

618 hectares of the company’s lands are cultivated annually. Wheat, barley, canola, alfalfa and fodder corn are the company’s main crops. All the company’s lands are directly covered by modern irrigation, which improves the efficiency of water use. The annual production of the company’s agricultural unit is 15,000 tons of various agricultural products.


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Quantitative and qualitative development is the main strategy of the company to ensure the continuity of activity and production; From 1390 to 1398, about 240 billion rials in the framework of investment projects to increase the capacity of the livestock unit, construction and mechanization of orchards and construction of modern irrigation systems, optimization of the capacity of the livestock unit and construction of modern walnut orchards from commercial and late cultivars. Berg is invested in the company. Construction of a 6000-head dairy farm, quality development and increasing the level of technology in the livestock unit and construction of the most modern walnut orchard in the country with an area of ​​92 hectares, which is in the final stages of construction, are among the company’s plans. Also, the construction of a modern and fully automatic factory for the production of feed feed concentrate with a credit of 34,012 million Rials and a milking treatment plant with a credit of 5,223 million Rials from the treasury of the Mostazafan Foundation, which began operations in July 1997 and was fully operational in February 1998.


[mpc_icon_column title=”history”]the livestock unit has 7,250 dairy cows and produces about 130 tons of milk per day. In the horticultural sector, about 300 tons of orchards are produced from about 300 hectares of orchards (apples, pears, olives, peaches, nectarines, and walnuts). In the agricultural sector, about 13,000 tons of various crops (alfalfa, corn, barley, wheat and rapeseed) are produced annually from about 600 hectares of land. In the last ten years, 168,196 million rials of development investments have been made in different parts of the company. These investments have been made both for horizontal (quantitative) development and for vertical (qualitative) development. Currently, the company’s livestock unit is one of the five largest livestock units in the country. In order to improve the quality of the production process, for the first time in 2008, the company succeeded in obtaining the ISO 9001-2000 certificate and in 2017, it succeeded in receiving the ISO 9001-2015 quality management certificate. Implementation of land acquisition and modernization operations, construction of modern networks and development of irrigation systems in order to improve the productivity of water and soil resources and increase the efficiency of agricultural and horticultural production are the most important development programs of the agricultural sector of this complex; So far, eight Pivot Center systems and a Lineer system have been installed on the company’s land and are in operation. Also, the increase in production capacity and optimization of the production process in the livestock unit in the last 3 years, followed by the amount of raw milk production of the company increased from 100 tons to 130 tons per day. Given this information, it is predicted that in the future we will see the positive effects of these projects in increasing the productivity of production and improving the quality of production in this company.


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