Khorramdareh Plain Cultivation and Industry Complex in the landscape horizon of a leading company in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry, which with a reputable brand, will be the largest and best producer of healthy and quality livestock, agricultural and garden products in the region.


The mission of the organization


The mission statement of Khorramdareh Plain Agriculture and Industry Complex Company has been compiled and controlled in the mission document with identification number: MST 01-00. The following section describes the organization’s mission document.

We believe that our main mission, mission and responsibility is as follows:
Production and supply of healthy products with the highest quality
Offering products at fair and competitive prices, introducing the company’s brand, observing national and international standards
Customer orientation and value creation for stakeholders
Profitability, growth and development, use of new technologies, entry into global markets
Environmental protection and observance of safety and health principles
Creating job opportunities, eliminating deprivation and interacting with members of society
Creating a balance between life and work, honoring and growing employees
Legislation, adherence to moral values ​​and principles
Khorramdareh Plain Agriculture and Industry Complex Company is a subsidiary of the Foundation for the Oppressed of the Islamic Revolution with more than 50 years of experience in Khorramdareh region of Zanjan province. Adherence to national standards, high fat content, low microbial load, high volume of daily milk production, use of the most original breed of productive livestock, use of new methods of treatment, attention to nutritional nutrition, health and comfort of livestock and ultimately benefit from Committed, experienced and experienced specialists and staff have made the complex’s livestock sector one of the largest livestock farms in the northwestern region of the country, and this has led to the raw milk produced by this complex to large dairy factories across the country. And meat, dairy cows and heifers should be offered as branded products to large livestock farms throughout the country as well as neighboring countries.
Extensive agricultural lands, modern equipment and machinery, use of sustainable agricultural techniques and land management, pioneering the cultivation of new species and the use of improved cultivars, compliance with national and international standards of the agricultural sector to one of these complexes. Leading producers in the production and supply of horticultural and agricultural products have turned that fruit and vegetable markets across the country are the applicants for its products.
The managers and employees of this complex believe that in order to realize the macro policies of the company and the Foundation for the Underprivileged, they should use their efforts, abilities, knowledge and experiences in order to fulfill their mission, mission and responsibilities and take steps towards growth and excellence.



The main strategy of the organization is the strategy of maintaining, maintaining and stabilizing with the approach of growth and development in the future. The sub-strategies selected by Khorram Dareh Dasht Agro-Industrial Company, according to the main strategy mentioned above, include the following:

Growth, development and increase of market share by increasing the production capacity of livestock and agricultural products (construction of new cattle breeding, increasing the volume of current livestock milk, increasing the area under cultivation of dried fruit products, breeding programs) export of livestock and agricultural products (export of dried fruits, cattle Milk) Improving the business system and conducting marketing activities (recognizing and analyzing the business environment and market and analyzing competitors) Increasing profitability – Increasing the value of the company’s stock
Customer Relationship Management with other stakeholders through the establishment of CRM system – Establishment of ISO 10002 & ISO 10004 management systems – Increasing customer satisfaction, compliance with legal requirements and relevant regulations – Recognizing the needs and expectations of stakeholders and meeting them (compliance with requirements , Rules and needs of stakeholders)
Cost leadership using infrastructure optimization – self-sufficiency in forage production – Financial management (reduction of operating and overhead costs) Reduction of cost per unit of product (reduction of costs) – Supply chain management (purchase and supply of raw materials) Cheap quality and continuous control of supplier performance)
Paying attention to social responsibilities by participating in the elimination of deprivation, job creation and transfer of knowledge to farmers, ranchers – improving relations with members of society
Improving the ability, skills and participation of employees and human capital management by establishing a job classification plan – Developing job descriptions and training standards – succession, system of suggestions and comments – Improving team work culture and leadership skills, determining career path and promotion Employees – Establishment of Performance Evaluation System – Employee Satisfaction Assessment – Attention to Employee Health and Safety (ISO 14001-45001)
Improving rankings and positions in the holding through the establishment of integrated management systems (ISO 9001-ISO 14001-ISO 45001-ISO45000) and organizational excellence system (promotion of excellence), development of leadership skills and promotion of teamwork culture
Technology management and information and communication capital and research and development and knowledge management and research using R&D process management – Improving interaction and communication with scientific and research centers and institutions and establishing knowledge management system

Overall goals

General Targets

1- Increasing the production of quality and healthy milk and agricultural products and improving the mechanization coefficient and technology level in the production and supply of various and quality products.
2- Development of market share and action in the development of livestock exports and agricultural products and direct supply of milk and fruit with the aim of 20% of production
3- Growth of production and continuous control of cost in order to produce more economically and improve productivity and improve financial and economic indicators and return on assets and improve resource efficiency through resource management to priority matters.
4- Improving the quality of products by observing the technical indicators
5- Establishing jihadi management in the company and determining the goals and strategies in line with the strategic policies of the holding and following up and implementing the approved development plans.
6- Following up and taking action to enter the capital market and stock exchange and attracting the participation of private investors, whether domestic or foreign, in order to provide financial resources for investments approved by the company and the holding company and to provide liquidity.
7- Development and reform of the human capital structure of the company in line with the goals and strategy of the holding and the foundation

Organization perspective


The vision statement of Khorramdareh Plain Agriculture and Industry Complex Company, according to the mission of the company and the foundation’s holding and also the perspective that the holding has for its various businesses, has been compiled and controlled in the vision document with identification number: MST 03-00 is. The following is a description of the organization’s vision document.

On the horizon of 1404, Khorramdareh Planting and Industry Company will achieve the following vision according to the production capacities, infrastructures, resources and facilities, the support of the holding and the Foundation for the Underprivileged, and the use of experienced and transcendent employees:
1- Becoming a leading economic enterprise and a reputable and leading brand in the agricultural and livestock industry of the country
2- Increasing profitability and market share in the country’s agricultural and livestock industry
3- Improving the rank and position of the company among the companies affiliated with the foundation
4- Sustainable production of high quality and excellent agricultural and livestock products in order to ensure food security in the country

Organizational values


We, the managers and employees of Khorramdareh Plant Cultivation and Industry Company, believe in the will of God Almighty and with the aim of satisfying our dear customers and stakeholders, we adhere to the following moral charter.

Moral health, respect for clients and customer orientation, adherence to rules and regulations, social responsibility, personal and organizational growth and excellence.

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